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Make Energized Water, Food, Jewelry, and all Objects enhanced with Scalar Waves and Orgone Chi energy. Now Available in Tabletop and Fixed Mount Models A gravity field vector can, hypothetically, be created by Scalar (Ʃ) Wave methods: By triangulating a series of 3 translator/projectors and using a resonant frequency (10 12 cycles/second is the frequency of radiated gravity,) we can produce an interference wave front along 3 axes in such a way as to produce a levity effect, a pocket of space with its own gravitational field. In laymen's terms, we can produce antigravity, but this is a more advanced subject.

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A few examples of these include force, speed, velocity and work. These quantities are often described as being a scalar or a vector quantity. Scalars and vectors are differentiated depending on their definition. A scalar quantity is defined as the physical quantity that has only magnitude, for example, mass and electric charge.
There has been a lot of debate online about how to generate scalar waves, and most of the discussion revolves around various types of unusual coils like bifilar coils and möbius coils. When an electrical current flows through a wire, it generates a circular magnetic field around the wire. It has been shown that a longitudinal wave is a combination of a vector potential with a scalar potential. There is a full analogue to acoustic waves. Transmitters and receivers for longitudinal electromagnetic waves are discussed. Scalar waves were found and used at first by Nikola Tesla in his wireless energy transmission experiments.

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Oct 21, 2019 · So there appears to be a flat 4/7 = 1/1.75 scalar on the APS multiplier for Chantodo’s wave. Went ahead and compared live to PTR (exact same build and setup). This is the exact scalar that popped out. Can confirm Tinne’s work! Thank you for jumping in, testing and explaining. It seems like this is definitely not a bug then.
A Sensitive Scalar Wave Detector. Very briefly we present a method of making a very sensitive scalar wave detector so that direct measurement and quantization can be established. First, we regard one oscillation (one wavelength) of the scalar potential wave as a longitudinal photon. Aug 06, 2009 · But of course, you're always welcome to buy things that make you feel better, but how much better it'll get to some observer, I'm not too sure. The scalar field thing is supposed to be a scientific theory, which predicts extra results which are not predicted by classical electromagnetic theory.

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Mar 26, 2019 · Next Level EMF Protection: Harmonizing With Scalar Waves Feat. Mark Langdon #198: Mark Langdon is the founder and co-developer of Blushield Global, an EMF protection device company. An EMF is shorthand for an electromagnetic field which, in our highly tech-centered world, are emitted from all wireless devices, from cell phone...
1 glass of water before going to bed – avoids stroke or heart attack but not scalar water as it will keep you awake, but make sure it is not scalar water or it will be hard for you to get to sleep. Your body is over 75% water and 83% of your life blood is water. Water is what connects us to all living things and to Mother Earth. Scalar Energy Pendants are NOT medical devices. The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Sep 09, 2020 · By combining the high capacity of LTO-9 tape technology with Quantum Scalar tape libraries, customers can have the most secure and advanced tape automation solutions available today to cope with ...
A Sensitive Scalar Wave Detector. Very briefly we present a method of making a very sensitive scalar wave detector so that direct measurement and quantization can be established. First, we regard one oscillation (one wavelength) of the scalar potential wave as a longitudinal photon. I need to insert data in a table using values returned from a cursor. I am actually capturing the values into a scalar variable and Now I need to insert data into another table using the values in variable. Since the variable carries two values I am not sure how to insert data using those values one by one. Following pic shows the value

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Sep 30, 2020 · How scalar waves are created affects whether the scalar wave will be used for health benefits or destructive purposes. However, getting scalar therapy means you’ll be getting your scalar waves from a professional therapist who knows how to maximize the health and relaxation benefits of the waves.
SCALAR ENERGY Scalar waves are also called 'electromagnetic longitudinal waves', 'Maxwellian waves', or 'Teslawellen' ('Tesla waves'). Variants of the theory claim that Scalar electromagnetics (also known as scalar energy) is the background quantum mechanical fluctuations and associated zero-point energies.Nov 13, 2016 · In JavaScript, scalar primitive values (Number, String, Boolean, undefined, null, Symbol) are immutable and compound values (Object, Array) are mutable A quick example on assign-by-value:

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Scalar Qi– Scalar waves are all around us! They are a natural form of energy that is shaped like an hourglass. Your DNA and cells all operate on this same scalar shape. Scalar waves work at a frequency range that is functionally the same as the heartbeat of our planet, the Schumann Resonances.
A is the amplitude of the sine wave. p is the number of time samples per sine wave period. k is a repeating integer value that ranges from 0 to p–1. o is the offset (phase shift) of the signal. b is the signal bias.